You Can’t Stop Doing What You’re Doing

Ever noticed that when  you are impatient its difficult to stop being impatient?  Or when you recognize that when you are being unkind to someone, and you recognize it, it gets difficult to stop being what you are being?  I have.  And I came to a realization: You can’t stop being what you are being!  You have to be something different, or you have to DO something different.  In other words, when I am in a Walmart and out of 20 check out lanes they only have ONE open (you know that feeling), you can either choose to be patient or impatient.  And which ever you decide to BE, will send out either a loving or unloving energy around you.  And I have also become keenly aware when I am in negative energy (think a sinful state such as impatience) I will affect others.  My way of BEING will either send a loving energy or an unloving energy to those around me.

So, here is some help I would like to provide you.  Since you can not just STOP BEING what you are being, you must shift and BE something different.  I have provided for you what do BE different in the following negative ways of BEING.  Check this out:

NEGATIVE WAY                           POSITIVE WAY

  Impatient                                              Patient

              Judgemental                                         Approving

              Controlling                                            Respectful

              Critical                                                     Accepting/Supportive

               Unkind                                                     Kind

You get the idea.  Hope this helps.  How you are as a way of BEING is still a choice!  Choose loving and mature ways of being…




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