32 Christmas’ With You

A note to my wife, friend, confidant, lover, and encourager (Yes, it’s Louella!)

I was sitting back this day thinking about two of our children being home for the holidays, and one traveling around Israel at the moment.  I thought about how much joy they have brought us and how many years we were entrusted to raise them, love them, support them and encourage them.  I thought about all the moves, the hurts, the joys, the challenges, the inspirations, the peaceful times, passionate times, and simple times that we have shared together and as a family.  All of this over 32 Christmas’.  32!  The first as an engaged couple, then the following 31 married, as an US.  And I must say, I would live them all over again with you.

As I reflect on these 32 Christmas’, we have experienced them in Florida, Texas, and Virginia.  They have been in times of plenty and in want.  However, all have been joyous occasions because we were together, a family.  This year will be the first that some changes have been made for us.  Not all our children will be home.  Your dad is no longer with us and we can not share our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with him.  And in thinking all this through one particular word kept creeping up in my mind: Change.  Life is about change.  Nothing really stays the same.  We raise our children to launch them to God’s purpose in their lives.  Death is a part of life and so is loss.  And so is gain.  God has brought others into our lives to encourage and support.

But one thing is for sure.  You and i will be together Christmas’ to come. And I so look forward to 33, 34, 35, 36… and so on with you.

I am blessed to be in your life and you in mine.  I love you much.

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