Live Powerfully. Live Humbly

Ever notice that mature people are rarely triggered into negative emotional states? Ever notice that mature people handle conflict with dignity, respect, goodwill and with the goal of being cooperative rather than competitive? Ever notice that mature people and teachable? I have. And I will also tell you what else I observed. What is behind all that behavior is humility. Not humiliation. Humility.

People who live a life of humility are powerful people. They do not need to be noticed and they know when to put suspend their ego. They understand that being able to understand others, to be teachable, and to be willing to look in the mirror takes humility. People who are living a life of humility do acts of kindness anonymously. They think more about the “We” rather than the “Me.”

What differences would be in your life if you decided to live a life of humility? More on this later.


Dr. Rick