Legalism Reveals Inability to Think

Ever been around someone that is not teachable?  It is challenging to say the least.  Folks that are not teachable have revealed their pride and lack of humility.  Humility precedes a teachable spirit.  And yet, some folks, choose to live a life whereby their way of thinking, their brand of Christian thought, is THE ONLY brand.  I had a mentor share with me quite a few years ago that people do not defend their Bible, they are actually defending their systematic theology.  So true.  Tongues or no tongues.  Calvinism or not.  You get the idea.  And yet the issues that divide us have zero bearing on eternity.  No wonder denomination is simply another word for division.  And what divides us are the things that do not keep people from being redeemed.  As I recall, confess with one’s mouth and believe in one’s heart that Christ died, and one shall be saved.  Seems pretty simple to me.  Maybe that is why the Lord said we were to come to Him with a simple faith, much like a child possesses.

Yet, legalism in Christian thought can be compared to the Pharisees of old.  I am right.  You are wrong.  And this form of thinking creates a sense of power and control over others.  It breeds arrogance.  It creates contempt for those who do not believe the same as the legalist.  And what is most sad, this is the experience culture has with much of the church today.  Could it be that the remedy of legalism is humility?  I think so.  It is in humility we fully understand the finiteness of our minds and that His thoughts and not our thoughts.  It is in grace I can move to compassion and empathy.  Which means I can not live with a sense of I am right and you are wrong, which is really, a way for me to feel more power over you.

It is in humility we admit we admit we do not really know much and move to a teachable spirit.  We understand that Abba Father ways WAY more knowledge than I and that I am only able to tap into that knowledge in humility.  It is in humility that I realize i am able to live powerfully.  Legalism is really rooted in arrogance and pride and divides and breaks relationship.  Legalists, then, in reality, live in weakness (though they can not see it for themselves).

Live in humility.  It is a powerful way to live.  And I learn so much more about life, God, others, and most important, myself.  Remember, arrogant people do not know they are arrogant.  Their arrogance blinds them to their arrogance.

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