A New Journey

It has been quite some time since I have blogged.  I must admit that I have been so busy traveling, speaking, conducting marriage intensives, and time with my wonderful bride, I have put it on the shelf.  Well, now I am back.  I have spent time doing doing Facebook Live vlogs and have had some good success.  However, I must get back to writing.  Today, was the second day of a marriage intensive with a couple.  I am here in Woodstock, Virginia (Shenendoah Valley folks!!!) and conducted a marriage seminar for a few churches and also worked with this couple.  It was a great honor to serve the church and this couples.  It is always a pleasure to see a marriage go from feeling helpless and hopeless, to hopeful, inspired, and empowered.

A moment of your time for an update.  As of March 1, 2019, Louella and I have ventured out on our own, full time, under our nonprofit, ConnectUS 4 Life, Inc. (DBA Marriage for Life).  Our website is http://www.marriageforlife.org.  We are excited about this new journey and what possibilities come our way.  We hope to increase our speaking opportunities and our ability to work with couples through relationship coaching and marriage intensives.  I have also started to reach out to the culture directly and to mental health professionals in an effort to teach our work in developing healthy, loving, and mature relationship principles and skills.  We call our new program “RelateWell.”  RelateWell is a nine session relationship skills program that helps individuals and couples develop the skills for goodwill, respect, humility and empathy, which are the four protective traits of a relationship, any relationship.  These four traits I sought to develop in  myself as I sought to transform myself from an unhealthy emotional child into a healthy mature adult.  These skills I learned over time became the RelateWell process.  I am honored and proud of this journey over the past 25 years and what I have learned and these principles and skills are the foundation for my teaching and helping others who are in relational turmoil and simply want to learn to better themselves.

If you are a therapist and desire to implement RelateWell into your clinlical practice, or a pastoral counselor, you can take the online training (CEs provided by National Marriage Seminars).  You can take the online training at http://www.relatewellinstitute.com.

Stay tuned for more blogs here at Rick’s reMarks.  If you have questions or comments, contact me direct.

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