What Story Does Your Relationship Tell?

I just read a really good story about WW2.  It was amazing.  Real life characters.  Real life challenges.  Real life emotions that we can all relate to as we read it.  And then the ending of the book.  WOW!  What a great read it was.  I am ready to read the next in the series!  As you well know there are many kinds of stories.  Some are dramas, some are tragedies, some are mysteries, some are comedies, and some are love stories.

I have also realized that my marriage is a story.  I write this story every day of my marriage.  And who reads this story?  My children.  They get to watch the story play itself out each day, every week, monthly and yearly.  What kind of story are they reading?  A tragedy?  A mystery?  A drama?  Or  a love story?  Sadly, most children today are reading dramas and tragedies and very little love stories.  I want my children to read of love story: a story of two people in love, who challenge each other and themselves to love better, more meaningfully, and that at the end of the book (read that as til death do us part), the story of love is complete.

Everything you do in your marriage writes a story.  What are your children and others reading?  You decide by what you write.  What you write is indicated by how you treat each other.

Let’s write love stories.

Change the word LOVE for Value…see what difference it makes.

The word LOVE has been so misused it has little meaning today.  For example, I love my wife, my children, my family, the love being a veteran of the US Navy and I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Yes, I love the all.  But do you see how much the word love is misused.  What if we changed the word LOVE to VALUE.  What difference would that make?  Let’s see.  I value my wife, children and my family…but I don’t value mint chocolate chip ice cream…though, I do love it.  So let me ask you.  Do you value your spouse and kids?  Do you value your work and hobbies more than you value your family.  Lets think in terms of what we value.  Because what you value, you do love.

Many blessings,

Dr. Rick